Title:   Specter U.M   (The Ghost of Ullysies Mercer)

Genre:  A Sci-Fi Dungeon Adventure with heavy mystery and puzzle elements

    Sub Genre:  Speculative Fiction inspired by Tesla technology

Setting:   America  1941  -  A secluded mansion on the outskirts of New York State

Platform:  Developed for PC to be released on the Steam Marketplace 

    (Plans for an additional PSN release are dependent on the final funding amount)

Release Date:  Summer of 2016

Engine:  Unreal Engine 4

Total Gameplay Duration:  7.0-8.0  hours main-story   (additional content may extend gameplay)

Camera Style:   3rd person & OTS

Main Characters:  Logan Adams, Ullysies Mercer, The Ultras (creatures from The Omni)

Supporting Characters:  Kaudsley (Ullysies' butler), Sarah Adams (Logan's mother), The Henchman (hired hand)


The year is 1941, America is just beginning to join in the fray of WWII. Technology is taking leaps of innovation riding the wave of Tesla and Edison's accomplishments in the past decades. Ullysies Mercer having been a student of Tesla's has been recognized as one of the foremost innovators of this new era and continues his research in the seclusion of the Mercer Manor. The accident that causes his death shakes the very foundation of Logan's life and begins your journey into our world.

As you traverse your way through the Mercer Manor to reveal the truth of Ullysies Mercer's death you will encounter secret laboratories and workshops, derelict and abandoned wings, long lost artifacts and the dark underground caverns that were once used as illegal distilleries by the mansion's original owner Don Tartiano. Now used as a safe place to store Ullysies' most volatile experiments and the source of the most dangerous Ultra's you will face off against.