About the Lost Boys Ambassadors


In the summer of 2013 after exhaustive research and long boring power-point presentations a game development team was assembled to start work on a modest and charming sci-fi dungeon-adventure by the name of Specter U.M. And for months it was good... Until!

Tragedy struck and the innovative simulator company that originally funded our production went through some tough times. Despairingly they had to let the game project and it's current employees go, but the kind-hearted CEO of the simulator studio pledged the project and all it's work over to the team itself so the mysterious tale of Specter U.M could continue in the hands of it's developers.

With hats in hand and un-employment journey's to conquer we re-grouped, re-evaluated and re-launched our efforts. Trudging forth as an independent game studio and the Lost Boys were forged through these trials and challenges.

We are an 5 person game development team of game developers, animators and artists who have a passion for creating heart-felt and meaningful experiences through games. And improving the culture of the game development industry as a whole by setting our own example. We have all grown up with the true impact that a game can have on the mental and emotional aspects of life and the inspiration and creativity that comes with it.

It is our goal to continue this legacy of innovation, inspiration and storytelling through our own work, and to empower other developers to create opportunities and build their dreams.


- The Lost Boys


MEET THE DEVELOPERS:  Interviews Playlist

This is a playlist of the developer interviews that we've done with six of our Lost Boys developers. 

A message from Daniel Escoto

"It's been almost three years since I was first asked to assemble a game development team for an independent production. Since then we have experienced and conquered rough waters together and gained many more developers to the family. And with every new addition I have been blown away with the talent, vision and loyalty that the Lost Boys have shown in every moment of our time together. After losing our original parent company, and of course losing the funding that had come with that, we became truly an independent team with only our sense of brotherhood, creativity and professional drive to fall back on.

We decided that as an independent studio we would push forward together under the Lost Boys Ambassadors flag and be a studio that was always FOR developers and improving their lives. Not just for the game, not just for the craft, but as a platform to help developers grow by pursuing their personal dreams and goals. And to encourage that mindset into the rest of the game industry.

We continue to seek full-production funding for the Specter U.M project as we focus on this prototype and creating marketplace content for other developers to use in their own work. It has been, and will continue to be, a complete honor to be part of this team of amazing and driven people. And I am truly excited at what the future holds for us all as a team."

- Danny E.